About this site, and my interest in geneology

I have been interested in genealogy for many years. My early interest was piqued by the names and dates in the family Bible. Then there was a letter to me from my father’s Uncle John welcoming another ‘Hank’ into the family.

Many years later I remember my mother receiving a letter from a distant relative of hers who was researching the genealogy on her father’s side. He’d done research back hundreds of years to small towns in Germany and France. 

Maybe it’s being the youngest? Maybe it was hearing my parents and their peers tell stories? Maybe it was the desire to fill in the blanks and solve some mysteries?

I was an early subscriber to Ancestry.com and have enjoyed endless hours researching there. 

While it is great to do research nothing beats a good family story. 


Family Stories

So, I hope this provides a place for all of us to ask questions and share family stories about our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other extended family members.